2017 - Dynamic career women wanted!

£500 - £2500 + a month
06 Feb 2017
06 Mar 2017
Contract Type
Self Employed

Best suited to:

Self motivated women who have always wanted to have their own business in health and fitness, in a coaching, training, and mentoring role, and who would absolutely love to work from home and be up for a challenge!

So if you were offered you the chance to work part time, flexibly, totally risk free and initially alongside your career (or commitments) would it be worth exploring?

This is a chance to bang your own drum, get your mojo back, meet people, have fun, be challenged and also have your OWN “real" business, with absolutely no risk but with full time support and handholding so that you DO succeed? A business without alienating friends and family?

Would an  EXTRA £300 - £2500 + a month coming make a difference? 

Help towards debt?


School fees?

That holiday you have been longing for?

Do you have an interest in health, fitness,feeling good, and enjoy working with others? If so you have the chance to build a successful business with me - I’ve been showing and helping women like YOU achieve what they want in life for over 16 years and success is guaranteed if you are willing to work...

As world leaders in health and wellness, we are renowned for our outstanding natural products and are passionate about helping people like you reach your full potential through building your own flexible Healthy Living business from your laptop, phone and kitchen table...

Be inspired… join me to build a better future..


Who are you?
A career woman looking for change, or perhaps on maternity leave. You may be currently self-employed, or a mum at home looking to work for yourself and have a desire to be successful.

On offer:

  • Excitement
  • Change
  • Diversity
  • Financial security - Forever
  • Success
  • A challenge…

You choose:

3 areas of income:

  • Business developers: Building, training, coaching a team
  • Managers: Leading a team & training
  • Product Ambassadors: A passion for retail and marketing our phenomenal daily care products (we show you how)

How much time do you need?
About 10 - 25 hours a week in the nooks and crannies - work at your own pace.

I will show you how to build and develop a team and to lead, coach and mentor leaders to reach their full potential, this is where most of your time is spent.

We will also work together to build a SMALL retail base to market our outstanding range of natural products to small businesses, and earn immediate 35% - 48% profit 

Realistic earnings of £1200 per month, within the first 3 months, £5k a month by the end of the year if you work hard with me and put in more time.

  • No distribution
  • No targets
  • No territories
  • No “boss”

So if you are excited about working for yourself, but not by yourself - enjoy working with others, and would love to be a successful business woman working from home, come and find out what all the excitement’s about...